Recent Graduates

Brent Dewolff, Master of Science
Brent examined the management and impacts of BC’s natural resource roads. His work focused on the human-environment relationship enabled by resource roads. Brent examined how management information is disseminated, how stakeholders are involved in road administration, and the effectiveness of strategies designed to lessen the impact of roads on sensitive ecosystems and wildlife. Brent’s project finished Spring 2016.

Gillian Vlasschaert, Master of Arts
Gillian worked on a project with the BC Ministry of Forests Lands and Natural Resource Operations. Gillian’s research helped develop an approach to evaluation to assist agencies in understanding how new information systems are being used to help make decisions. Gillian’s work centres on understanding how the data and systems developed as part of BC’s new Cumulative Effects Framework are helping to inform natural resource management. Gillian finished her thesis Spring 2016.