Researchers & Partners

CEAR members work across many disciplines and bring a broad range of skills sets and expertise to CEAR. Faculty members come from the social, biophysical and applied sciences. The membership reflects the diversity of knowledge needs and the multi-disciplinarily qualities of environmental assessment practice in Canada and at UBC.

Kevin Hanna
Director of CEAR, Associate Professor, Geography, UBC Okanagan Campus

Edouard Asselin
Professor, Canada Research Chair in Aqueous Processing of Metals, Co-Director, Pipeline Integrity Institute, UBC Vancouver Campus

Mathieu Bourbonnais
Assistant Professor, Earth, Environmental and Geographical Sciences, UBC Okanagan Campus

Gary Bull
Professor, Chair of the Department of Forest Resources Management, Faculty of Forestry, UBC Vancouver Campus

Michael M. Burgess
Professor, W. Maurice Young Centre for Applied Ethics, School of Population and Public Health, and Department of Medical Genetics, UBC, Vancouver Campus and Okanagan Campus

Jon Corbett
Associate Professor, Geography, UBC Okanagan Campus

Adam Ford
Assistant Professor, Biology, UBC Okanagan Campus

Sarah Gergel
Associate Professor, Department of Forest and Conservation Sciences, Assistant Dean, Diversity and Inclusion, Faculty of Forestry, UBC, Vancouver Campus

Ross Hickey
Assistant Professor, Economics, UBC Okanagan Campus

Bram Noble
Professor, Environmental Assessment, University of Saskatchewan

James Olson
Professor, Dean, Faculty of Applied Science UBC, Vancouver Campus and Okanagan Campus

John Parkins
Professor, Resource Economics and Environmental Sociology, University of Alberta

Lael Parrott
Professor, Director of the Okanagan Institute for Biodiversity Resilience and Ecosystem Services, UBC Okanagan Campus

Murray Rutherford
Associate Professor, Resource and Environmental Management, Simon Fraser University

Rehan Saqid
Professor, Associate Dean, School of Engineering, Faculty of Applied Science, UBC Okanagan Campus

Donna Senese
Associate Professor, Geography, UBC Okanagan Campus

David Scott
Associate Professor, Earth and Environmental Sciences, UBC Okanagan Campus

D. Scott Slocombe
Professor, Geography and Environmental Studies, Wilfrid Laurier University