Graduate Researchers and Postdoctoral Fellows

Chris Buse, PhD, CIHR Postdoctoral Fellow
Health impact assessment: incorporating health imperatives into natural resource governance, funded by the Canadian Institute for Health Research.

Lauren Arnold, PhD student, Interdisciplinary Studies
Cumulative impact assessment and the integration of social-economic data, funded by SSHRC.

Brandon Gregg, Masters student, Interdisciplinary Studies
GIS and environmental management, analysis of the feasibility of geospatial tools in natural resources management decision-making, funded by SSHRC.

Nicole Peletz-Bohbot, Masters student, Interdisciplinary Studies
The role and application of traditional knowledge in environmental assessment and project review in Nunavut, funded by Irving Shipbuilding International and the Nunavut Research Institute.

Rob Friberg, PhD student, Interdisciplinary Studies
Integrating climate change into cumulative effects assessment, funded by the Foothills Research Institute.

Troy McMillan, PhD student, Earth and Environmental Sciences
Information technology and social networking solutions that support enhanced and adaptation, funded by SSHRC.

Stephen Decker, PhD student, Interdisciplinary Studies,
Woodland Caribou decline in the Newfoundland, funded by SSHRC, Bombarier Fellowship.