Climate Change Adaptation Working Group

Our work

The Adaptation Working Group is a research group within CEAR. We work to assess the state of planning for adaptation and resiliency in Canadian communities, develop case studies and generate applied knowledge that can help advance adaptation planning in Canada. This work involves faculty and student researchers from UBC and the University of Waterloo. Our research is collaborative and is conducted in partnership with national planning and municipal organizations.

Le Projet sur l’adaptation aux changements climatiques est un groupe de recherche universitaire (UBC et University of Waterloo) qui s’intéresse à l’état de la planification de l’adaptation et de la résilience aux changements climatiques chez les administrations locales canadiennes. Le Projet réalise des études de cas à ce sujet et développe un savoir pratique sur l’amélioration de la planification de l’adaptation aux changements climatiques.

What are local governments in Canada doing to adapt?

The working group is helping to fill a knowledge gap by completing a second survey of Canadian municipal governments that provides a broad image of the state of municipal adaptation planning in Canada. A survey was conducted in 2012 to develop and image of what local governments were doing to advance adaptation. To find out what we discovered, please see the brief BC regional and national reports available through the links at the bottom of this page.

Pour plus de résultats, veuillez consulter les links ci-dessous. Vous y trouverez rapports sur le Canada et la CB.

Current work

Developing a current image of local government action and needs

A second survey was launched in January 2018, in collaboration with the Federation of Canadian Municipalities. It will provide a current image of adaption activates in local governments across Canada. This information is an important part of understandings local government activities and approaches, potential policy directions for the federal and provincial governments, and important adaptation knowledge.

The results will be released collaboratively with the Canadian Federation of Municipalities by the fall of 2018.

Survey results (2012)

For other regional results, please contact us by email. Pour plus de résultats, veuillez consulter nous ici.